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Food Safety HACCP Certification

Food Safety Plus HACCP Certification is ideal for all food businesses that require recognition of their HACCP based food safety management system. HACCP Certification provides national recognition that you have implemented a system of food safety hazard controls based on the principles outlined in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and Guidelines for its Application, issued by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Food Safety Plus certification is based on a practical and helpful approach that supports your business. It provides you and your customers with increased confidence in the quality and performance of Food Safety certified businesses. We use qualified and approachable food safety auditors to ensure that Food Safety Plus can provide you with a relevant certification service.

The Food Safety Plus Certification Standard

The Food Safety Plus HACCP standard is periodically updated to accommodate changes in legislation and industry / consumer expectations. Certification is offered Australia wide including NSW, QLD, SA VIC and WA. Download the certification and application document here.

The HACCP Food Safety Certification Process

Step 1. Initial Contact and Obligation Free Quotation

  • Please feel welcome to contact us so that we can gain a good understanding of your business and your food safety requirements. We will provide you with all the information you need about the audit and what will be required from you. Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with an obligation free quotation detailing our fees. On acceptance of our quotation we will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your premises.

Step 2. The onsite Food Safety Audit

  • The onsite audit is carried out to determine whether your food safety program complies with the Food Act. The length of time that it takes to carry out the audit will depend on the size of your organisation. We will work with you to minimise inconvenience at your business.
  • We commence with an 'entry interview'. At the entry interview, you have the opportunity to provide the auditor with an overview of your business.
  • We will review your written food safety program. This step gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that all required documentation has been prepared, is controlled where necessary, and is monitored and updated as required. You can either send your documentation to our office for review or it can be done on site during the first annual audit. Following this review, we will provide a report highlighting any deficiencies as well as any opportunities for improvement (if noted).
  • During the audit, the auditor will review
    • the facilities, resources and equipment where you prepare food
    • your records
    • your food hygiene and handling practices
    • how you manage allergens in the premises
  • We conclude the audit with an exit interview where the auditor will present the findings and outcomes to your team. You will receive an Audit Report that details areas of non-conformity and compliance.
  • If approved Food Safety Plus will inform you in writing that you have been successful and issue your HACCP Certificate. Your organisation will then be granted the use of the Food Safety Plus Certification Mark on stationery and marketing material.

Step 3. Ongoing Audits

  • Every 6-12 months an audit is carried out in the same manner as Step 2 above. This is necessary to demonstrate that your food safety program continues to comply with the HACCP Guidelines.

We conduct audits and assessments in a variety of organisations including:

  • Aged Care
  • Food Service
  • Child Care
  • Respite Care
  • Cereal Processing
  • Primary Production
  • Snack food Manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Food Manufacturing

Quality manufacturing, experienced staff, proven reliability and safety.


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Measurable results

We seek to make a significant and measurable contribution to the organisations we work with. We have helped our clients implement effective new systems, pass third party audits, maintain certifications, reduce costs and eliminate process inefficiencies. At Skillswise we specialise in on-site customer orientated consultation and training to offer greater returns on your investment. 

Learn from leaders

Skillswise is a leading partner in management system education with a decade of experience delivering solutions to government, corporate and community organisations. Utilising experienced, quality professionals, we share real world insights, stories and ensure your organisation’s goals are achieved both efficiently and effectively. 

Training tailored to your organisation

Training is much more effective when it’s made relevant to your organisation and your particular needs. That’s why we make it our business to understand your business. With that understanding we can best advise and tailor programs to address your unique needs. Our aim is to optimise the learning impact of employee development while minimising the disruption to your business.

Recognised, respected qualifications

Skillswise has a strong focus on professional education in quality management and auditing. Our learners may undertake assessments to achieve Nationally Recognised and Exemplar Global (RABQSA) certified training. These industry standards are highly valued and recognised both in Australia and internationally. They provide an endorsed set of standards and qualifications for recognition and assessment of professional skills.

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